Alhaurín el Grande y Estación de Cártama

Put on in the hands of the best physiotherapist

Advanced Physiotherapy

The physiotherapists of our clinics in Alhaurín el Grande and Estación de Cártama carry out the most current and effective rehabilitation exercises. In addition, the treatment will be adapted to each patient and pathology according to their needs.

The specialties that we carry out integrate the both a conventional and a more innovative and alternative aspect of physiotherapy in search of the physical, mental and emotional balance that leads to an optimal state of health.

Physiotherapy Techniques

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Sports Physiotherapy

With sports physiotherapy, we help the sportif, whether professional or amateur, to work on his muscular condition, avoiding burdens and correcting the bad sporting gesture.

The benefits obtained with good preventive work using sports physiotherapy are many. Mainly, the risk of injury is avoided, performance is improved, the muscles will be at a high level, elasticity will increase and their mood and psychological state will improve.


One of the most important aspects of a good recovery is physical therapists. Without a doubt they are the fundamental pillar that the techniques employed are totally effective.

The specialists of our clinics know different techniques for the muscular and functional recovery of the body with the commitment to investigate and adapt the latest technologies and therapies to our patients.


Alhaurín el Grande y Cártama

A parte de contar con un gran equipo de profesionales, nuestras amplias instalaciones y máquinas de rehabilitación optimizan la recuperación eficazmente.

Cada clínica cuenta con amplias salas de fisioterapias, totalmente equipadas y acondicionadas para la comodidad del paciente.

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