Get in the hands of the best physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists in Cártama and Alhaurín guarantee a quick and effective recovery, looking for a physical and mental balance..

Advanced physiotherapy

Alhaurín el Grande y Cártama

Our physiotherapists perform the most current and effective rehabilitation exercises. In addition, the treatment will be adapted to each patient and pathology.

The specialties that we carry out integrate both a conventional aspect, as well as a more innovative and alternative physiotherapy in search of the physical, mental and emotional balance that leads to an optimal state of health.


One of the most important aspects of a good recovery are the physiotherapists. Without a doubt, the fundamental pillar is that the techniques used are totally effective.

The professionals of our clinic are committed to researching and adapting the latest technologies and therapies to our patients.


Alhaurín el Grande y Cártama

In addition to having a great team of professionals, our extensive facilities and rehabilitation machines optimize recovery effectively.

Each clinic has large physiotherapy rooms, fully equipped and equipped for the comfort of the patient.