Drivers Medical Centre

Alhaurín el Grande y Estación de Cártama

Get your driving license without waiting and receiving it in your home

Approved Medical Center

In Clínicas Guadalhorce, drivers medical center approved by the DGT, you can obtain for the first time the driving license or renew it without having to go to the Traffic Headquarters.

In our centers of Estación de Cártama and Alhaurín el Grande, we perform the corresponding medical examination with all tests. You will not need to bring photography, we will do it to you in our center at the same time!

Later we will process all the documentation and you will receive the driving license at your home.

Medical Recognition for Drivers

We have medical professionals and psychologists who perform the recognition, vision, hearing and coordination tests to certify the driver’s aptitude.

If it is suitable, from our center we will carry out at the same time the process of obtaining and renewing the driver’s license, instantly and without displacements to the Traffic Headquarters.

Necessary Documentation

Both for the renewal of the driver’s license how for its first obtaining, it will be necessary to provide an Identity Accreditation Document (DNI, passport, NIE, etc.).

The processing of the request from the medical center has no costs. The driver will only have to pay the traffic fees (the same as in Traffic Headquarters) and the cost of the medical certificate.

Why Choice Clínicas Guadalhorce

We attend you in the moment

We take care of everything so you don't have to scroll

We realize you the photography in our centers

We process your driving license with the Traffic Department without costs

Other Medicals Certifies

  • Driving licence
  • Firearms licence
  • Certificate for pleasure boats
  • Dangerous animal certificate
  • Sports medical recognise
  • Oficial medical certificate
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