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In the best hands

The dental team of Clínicas Guadalhorce, has extensive professional careers in dentistry and advanced treatments, making our center at the forefront of all dental treatments.

In addition, we offer a personalized dental advice service in Estación de Cártama, where we tell you what you really need and for the best price.

The best treatments for the

Perfect Smile

In Clínicas Guadalhorce – Estación de Cártama we offer you a wide catalogue of treatments with the best technology and great professionals to obtain the expected results and for guarantee the dental health of our patients.


Invisible Orthodontics

This innovative technique of invisible orthodontic consists in a dental alignment using transparent splints made of plastic.


Dental Implants

In Clínicas Guadalhorce, thanks to our advanced technology, you can recover your smile with immediate implants in just one day.


Dental Aesthetic

Boast of your smile with the various treatments we offer you, such as hygiene and teeth whitening.

Other treatments

General dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

Oral surgery




Orthopantomography and 3D CT

3D dental scanner

At Clínicas Guadalhorce we want to offer the most accurate diagnosis. Therefore, we have the latest technology in high-definition 3D CT Scanner to offer a better image in the diagnosis and monitoring of the different treatments: surgery, dental implants, orthodontics, etc.

The CT scan allows three-dimensional radiography with 75% less radiation compared to standards CT scanner. From that image, we can obtain information about:

  • The quality and quantity of bone
  • The different anomalies
  • The path of nerves and blood vessels
  • The exact position of the jaws

De esta forma, podremos mejorar el diseño del tratamiento y realizar intervenciones con mayores garantías.

Trusted dentist

The importance of a good treatment is not only in using the best techniques and materials, it is also the trust between the patient and the dentist.

Therefore, we believe that there is no better dental treatment than good treatment and closeness with the patient, always offering effective solutions tailored to their needs.

Estación de Cártama

C/ Huesca, 2 (junto a la sede del Ayuntamiento), 29580,  Málaga.
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